The 4 Things That Happen to Pests in Winter!

Winters are the most peaceful time for residents when it comes to pests. These tiny creatures go missing during harsh winter. Many believe that pests die from harsh temperatures. But, it is true?

Pests don’t die in the winter season. They remain hidden in their safe places and thrive on the food they stored during another season. Let’s learn more about pests and things that happen to them during winter.


Some pests live inside seasonal crops and plants. However, they don’t die during the winter season; instead, they take shelter in places that keep them warm. Many insects move to a warmer region. Pests from the northern region migrate to southern areas for surviving the harsh temperature.

Birds, butterflies, bugs, and other small insects migrate to other states or countries and return to their original place during the spring season. That’s when you start noticing birds, butterflies, and new pests in your surroundings.


A large number of pests hibernate during the winter season similar to animals like bears. They store food either in their nesting or in their bodies and gain weight. So they can survive the winter without going out and feeling hungry.

So, where do pests hibernate? Pests don’t make travel miles for hibernation, they just find a warm place like human homes and take shelter in places like chimneys, roofs, backyards, and wall cavities.

If you want to keep your home pest-free throughout the year, make sure to check your property during winter. Avail of pest control services if you find any nesting signs on the premises.


While some pests sleep to survive the winter, some on the other hand reproduce and increase their population. So, when the spring seasons arrive there is a sudden rise in the number of pests roaming around your house.

Moths for instance are those pests that die during the winter season, but they leave their eggs behind. The larvae grow and start showing up during the spring and summer seasons. So, if there’s a sudden case of moth infestation in your property, chances are that you missed noticing their eggs.

Get pest control services during the winter season so you can stop your home from becoming a nesting spot for pests.

Home Infestation

A lot of pests don’t have any plans for the winter season. They desperately look for shelter when the temperature goes down. Pests like rodents aren’t the best housemates, but your house is a perfect place for their survival. Your house remains warm during winter and has ample food and water sources.

These pests remain inside your house till spring and meanwhile cause severe destruction to your property and belonging. Rats and mice are known for causing severe destruction to your stored belongings, furniture, food, and property.

Be alert and read the sign of rodent infestation, and get rid of them immediately. Avail pest control services to get instant relief from these destructive pests.

Common Pests And How They Survive in Winter


One of the pests that remain hidden in your backyard during winter is ants. They consume a lot of food during fall and take shelter beneath deep soil or under rocks. Their activities decrease as they try to save their energy for the next season.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests that are hard to eliminate. Controlling these pests is difficult. They often take shelter in our homes during the winter season. Your mattress and couches remain at a good temperature for their survival. But to our relief, bed bugs die when exposed to extreme temperatures. So, make sure you expose your mattresses and couches to extremely cold temperatures in case you get doubtful of bed bugs. Else avail pest control services for bed bug elimination.


Cockroaches have been the most adaptable pests on earth as they are present for millions of years. So, can they survive winter? Yes! Cockroaches live around humans as they provide a perfect place for survival.

Many species of cockroaches migrate to a warm place when the temperature starts to drop. It’s ideal to get your house inspected by pest control service providers during winter for better assurance.


Mosquitos ruin our summertime in the outdoors. However, they go missing during the winter season. So, what happens to them? Mosquitos often take shelter in hollow spaces like trees and pipes. The female mosquitos start laying eggs and that’s why you see a sudden burst of mosquitos during the summer season.

Final Words

Pests survive the winter season why hibernating, migrating or reproducing. And, your home is their perfect nesting spot. Therefore, availing of pest control services during winter is one best decisions all homeowners should take.

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