How Are You Attracting Unwanted Pests To Your Home?

Homeowners do a lot to keep pests away from their homes, from availing regular pest control services to checking up on the property’s condition. However, the hard work turns fruitless when they notice pests inside their home despite so much effort.

Who is responsible for this frequent recurrence of pests? In most cases, it is the habit or the actions of the owners that attract pests inside the house. Continue reading to find out if your actions are inviting pests inside your home or not!

Dirty Dishes Left Overnight

Doing dishes after a long day at work can be quite tiring. Most homeowners, who witness frequent pest problems, have a habit of leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen overnight. The presence of moisture and food at one place is heaven for pests like ants, flies, and cockroaches.

So, if you want to get rid of pest problems at home, make sure to wash up the dishes every night after dinner. Put, ‘doing dishes’ on your priority list and avoid leaving dirty dishes overnight. Get pest control services and notice the change yourself.

Leakages and Moisture Source

Almost every living being needs water for its survival and so do pests. A minor leakage may go unnoticed by humans, but it is enough to attract pests to your house. Leakage from your air conditioner, pipes, or a puddle of water in your backyard, attracts pests to your property.

So, what should you do? Keep a regular check on your property, and look for leakages and cracks. Get them fixed as soon as possible. Also, keep your backyard well-maintained, so it doesn’t have small water puddles.


You may be availing of pest control services at regular intervals, but still dealing with pest issues. What could be the reason? If you are a messy person, there are chances that your house is shared by other insects without you noticing their presence. Clutter is one of the common problems for humans but a haven for pests.

Old cardboard boxes, books, plastic items, unused toys, and so on can attract pests like termites, silverfish, ants, and rodents. These messy spaces are perfect for building nests. So, make sure you de-clutter your house every once in a while. This is a great way of getting rid of unused items and keeping pests away from your house.

Garbage Bin

Garbage bins are another food haven for pests like ants, flies, and cockroaches. The sweet liquid from soda cans, leftover food, fruits, and vegetable skin is what pests need for fulfilling their food requirement.

Trash cans left outside attract rodents, and animals and those kept inside attract small pests. So, what should you do? Where should you keep the trash cans? When you leave the trash unattended for over 48 hours, it starts attracting pests no matter if it is kept inside or outside.

Develop a habit of throwing out the trash every day. Don’t leave it unattended for long. Use garbage bags and seal them properly. Also, make sure to wash and sanitize your garbage bins once a month.

Over Ripe Fruits in Your Garden

Everyone loves a home with a garden. It gives you ample space for growing plants and trees of your choice. The ripe fruits and vegetables bring joy to you. However, the overripe fruits and vegetables are a feast to the pests.

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of food for the pests and you are likely to witness them around the plant and trees. For avoiding pest problems, you need to be attentive towards the growing fruits in your garden. Make sure to avail pest control services regularly.

Pet Food and Bird Seeds

Your pets are the charm of your house. And, you need to keep them fed for their well-being. But, did you know your pet’s food and bird seeds are luring pests inside your house?

Pet food when left outside for a long time attracts pests like ants and flies inside your house. When it comes to bird seeds, only half of them are eaten by birds and the rest are consumed by pests.

Make sure to take out the food for your pets and feed them at once. Don’t leave the food unattended. Clean up the floor after they are fed. For bird seeds, place the bowl of seeds on a plate full of water. This way pests won’t be able to get near the food source.

Sweet Items

Avoid leaving sweet items outside in your kitchen. It’s not just always the desserts and drinks that attract pests to your house. There are other indirect ways in which you leave sweet liquids outside.

The liquid often spills out from the jars of honey, jam, and sauce which is not cleaned regularly and ends up attracting pests like ants and cockroaches. Make sure you clear the food crumbs and kitchen countertops with wet wipes for removing these liquid spills.

Irregular Cleaning

One of the major reasons why pest control services fail is because some homeowners lack regular cleaning. Keeping your house organized, and clean is key to keeping pests and several other problems away.

You should put in small efforts regularly for keeping your house clean. Just wipe the dinner table every night before sleeping, throw out garbage daily, keep your bathroom clean and organize the clutter.

Final Words

If you have been careless with their home’s cleaning and maintenance, then you are likely to witness pest problems more often. Follow our tips to keep your house pest-free and safe.

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