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    Dead Fox Removal Services London

    The likelihood of finding a dead fox carcass on your property has increased as the fox population keeps on rising while their habitat has shrunk. As, these carcasses can be extremely huge and a source of a variety of parasites and diseases, they should be removed as soon as possible. Avail professional services for dead fox removal London and get quick relief from the carcass.

    Dead Animal Removal London provides the service of removing deceased foxes and all other types of animals from your surroundings. Dead foxes are found frequently as they die from natural causes, diseases, or in traffic incidents, for example. Our dead fox removal experts can collect and clean up any debris from your property as needed. Incineration is used to dispose of all carcasses.

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    Why Is Dead Fox Removal Important?

    The following are the most common reasons why dead fox removal services London are important:

    • Foxes are carriers of a variety of diseases and pests. The itch mite found in the fur of the foxes burrows into the skin, causing mange. This is the same mite that causes scabies in people and can be passed on to your pets like cats and dogs.
    • Toxocariasis – Toxocariasis is the most frequent disease they can spread because of the roundworm. The worms lay eggs, which are then released in diseased animals’ feces and pollute the soil. With their digging and burrowing, foxes can wreak substantial damage to sporting grounds, gardens, and other structures.
    • The urban fox is getting less fearful of humans and can occasionally enter London residences.
    • Foxes are naturally attracted to pets such as rabbits, chickens, and other small animals, and may cause havoc once inside coops, hutches, and other structures.
    • Foxes can leave a weird smell around your property to indicate their territory.

    When you come across a dead fox lying inside your property, be quick at hiring Dead Animal Removal London for professional assistance. Call us at 07401078183 and our team will arrive at your location within just an hour!

    What to Do After Spotting a Dead Fox

    The chances of finding a dead fox inside your premises are high, especially when your house has woods nearby. In case you find a dead fox inside your property, here’s what you should do:

    • Avoid touching the carcass with bare hands. The carcass of the fox can have deadly bacteria and pests that can be dangerous for your health.
    • Keep your pet inside the house. Pets are at more risk when they find a dead animal on your property. They have a keen sense of smell and can get infected by the dead carcass.
    • Don’t perform dead fox disposal London without any professional assistance. Some animals are protected under the wildlife act, and improper handling can land you in the legal pool. Therefore, leave the task for professionals.

    Be quick at contacting Dead Animal Removal London for getting instant relief from the eyesore. Contact us for availing emergency dead fox removal London!

    Affordable Dead Fox Removal Services London

    Because every situation has its complexities, numerous regulating criteria influence the dead fox removal cost.  The major factors that affect the pricing include the pest species, the severity of the infestation, the size of the property, accessibility, and the number of required visits, to name a few.

    For residents and business owners, we provide a local dead fox removal service. Dead foxes or other vermin on your property can be collected and safely disposed of by our pest professionals.

    At, Dead Animal Removal London every job is quoted separately. We are the most renowned animal removal firm in London, and offer services at affordable rates than our competitors. We provide estimates upon inspection, so get in touch with us right away for availing of dead fox removal services London.

    We are experts at removing diseased foxes. Please contact us for more information or make a quick booking by calling at 07401078183 or filling out the form below.

    Our Process of Dead Fox Disposal London

    Before proceeding with dead fox disposal London our team follows preventing measures for assuring the safety of the residents and their team as well. Here’s how a dead fox removal is performed:

    Carrying dead animals, performing stitching procedures, and dressing out corpses are all examples of situations where gloves should be worn. Leather, rubber, and latex gloves are among the several types of gloves available. Because of their inexpensive cost, wide availability, disposable nature, and ease of disinfection, rubber or latex gloves are recommended.

    As quickly as possible, the carcass is placed in a plastic body bag and secured. In case the fox shows symptoms of diseases (such as rabies or tularemia), the carcass is doubly bagged and secured properly.

    Our team void coming into direct contact with the body fluids of the deceased animal i.e., blood, urine, feces as it can be dangerous. If contact occurs, we wash the affected skin area as quickly as possible with soap and water.

    We make sure to not come into contact with the exterior parasites of the dead animal like fleas and ticks. Before handling the carcass, if feasible, we spray it with flea and tick spray. If pesticide poisoning is suspected as the cause of death and laboratory testing on the animal’s tissues is required, we do not spray the carcass because this will skew the results.

    To avoid disease transmission to other species and humans, proper dead fox disposal London is essential. Incineration, burial, and rendering are three frequent and practical means of carcass disposal. When the corpse is unhealthy, incineration is the preferred option; nevertheless, it is also the most expensive. Burying the body is an appropriate alternative. To prevent scavengers from unearthing and eating the body, it should be buried at least 4 feet deep and covered with lime.

    After dead fox disposal London, our team makes sure to disinfect your property so all the germs, odor, and pests can be eliminated.

    These are some necessary steps performed by our experts at Dead Animal Removal London.

    Tips for Keeping Foxes Away!

    Dead Animal Removal London has a lot of fox control experience and can help you with fox control quickly and easily. Here are some tips you must follow for keeping foxes away:

    • Organize your garden. Overgrown flower plants and shrubs make a good hiding spot for the foxes.
    • If you have fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit and keep an eye on your pet’s food dish if you feed them outside so you can bring it inside when they’ve finished eating.
    • Use fox deterrent sprays, which are usually ammonia-based and smell like fox urine, causing any would-be visitors to avoid what they consider to be another fox’s territory!

    Follow the procedures below if you need our dead fox removal services London.

    • Fill out our form or call us at 07401078183 for making a quick booking.
    • We’ll schedule a visit to put the deterrents and traps in place.
    • A follow-up visit to ensure that the issue has been resolved
    • There will be no more foxes in your garden!

    Following these tips can help you avoid dealing with dead foxes. Contact Dead Animal Removal London for more information!

    Contact Dead Animal Removal London

    The sight of dead animals inside your property is an eyesore. Apart from causing a huge discomfort and polluting the environment, a dead carcass imposes other kinds of threats on your neighborhood. A dead animal attracts other animals who remain on run in search of food.

    So, when you spot dead animals in or around your property, contact Dead Animal Removal London immediately! We provide same day and emergency services all across London. Our team reaches your location within just an hour. Rely on our skilled technicians and get instant relief!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can fox harm humans?

    Foxes aren’t life-threatening but can harm humans in other ways like destroying your vegetation and preying on your pets. Even though foxes avoid attacking humans but the probability isn’t low. In case foxes have diseases they can be a threat to humans.

    2. Is dead fox removal London an expensive service?

    No. Dead Animal Removal London offers exemplary services at a reasonable cost. Also, factors like the type of animal, size, location, and condition play an important role in the determination of the final price.

    3. Should I dispose of a dead fox at home?

    You should avoid touching or handling a dead fox as it can impose health hazards. Make sure you hire professionals for dead fox disposal London.

    4. Do you provide same day animal removal services?

    Yes. We offer same day and emergency dead animal removal services all across London. Our team reaches your location within just an hour. So, rely on Dead Animal Removal London, as our services are available 24×7 all year long.

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